Simon trying out the D3 library

Simon spent hours studying the D3 library on Sunday, it’s a very popular JavaScript library using SVG images he had never tried before. He also found it great how the annotations are in English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and showed it to his Chinese teacher today.

He also created an account on the library website, but couldn’t figure out how to create a new project. We should look at it together this week when I finally have more time.

These are two small videos of Simon trying the D3 library out:



D3 16 Jul 2017

Fractal Trees Customized

This weekend Simon came back to his old fascination, Fractal Trees. This time he didn’t just follow along Daniel Shiffman’s coding challenges, but created customized versions of Daniel’s trees, adding color and physics in some cases or writing the code in object oriented manner:








How to double a cube?

We continue reading the Russian adventurous math books by  Vladimir Levshin (1904-1984) – see an older post about it – and Simon is often excited about the challenges discussed. This time however, he first thought that something was impossible (and the Russian book said that, too), but our amazing favourite Murderous Math thought otherwise! It was one of the three oldest “unresolved” problems in the world, about how to double a cube (and let it remain a cube), which basically boils down to “how to draw the cube root of 2”:






Some more unrelated notes that Simon made recently, while listening to the Russian adventurous math book: