Interesting Cypher Code



Wait a minute, is that Simon actually playing football? We never thought we would see that happen. All the credits go to Matt Parker. He is the one who got Simon interested in football, or rather – in the football as a geometrical object. Simon also gave us a lecture on the history of the football, its changing shape and aerodynamics.


Simpson’s Paradox


Here is another interesting puzzle Simon learned from the SingingBanana math channel, about two drugs undergoing testing in the course of two days. The fish drug cured 63 out of 90 people (70%) on the first day and 4 out of 10 people (40%) on the second day. The second drug cured 8 out of 10 people (80%) on the first day and 45 out of 90 people (50%) on the second day. Which drug is more efficient?


Catenary vs Parabola



Simon has been studying the differences between a catenary (the curve a free hanging chain makes) and a parabola (the trajectory of a thrown ball), via the SingingBanana math channel. He told me a lot of interesting facts about the catenary:

  • it’s the fastest track for any round object to roll to any point on a curve;
  • when you roll two balls on a catenary at different heights, they will crash exactly in the middle;
  • when turned upside down, a catenary makes the strongest bridge;