Yesterday in bath: Mom, I’ve made a discovery! That two and a half 1/5’s is 1/2!!


I’m explaining what symmetry vs asymmetry is: Draw an imaginary line in the middle of the object. Human faces are always a little asymmetric. Look, see how my eyes and my mouth are slightly asymmetric?

Simon: And the pimple on your nose is also asymmetric!


To his little sister: Neva, I love you and I never want us to part. (Neva, ik houd van jou en ik wil dat je nooit afscheid van me neemt!)


Chatting with his sister in bath:

Simon, singing in English: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles everywhere…

Neva: Simon, I can make you bubble candy if you want!

Simon: Neva, I can make you a bubble diagram if you want!



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