This is how many 2D shapes a 3D shape corner, a vertice or this amount of degrees has.

This entry can be viewed as an extensive English practice: Simon wrote both the title and the entry (I have corrected one sentence) and recorded an English-language video (you’ll notice he had a problem with the word “vertice” 🙂 

  • Equilateral triangle
  • Square
  • Regular pentagon
  • Regular hexagon

Make the following angles using the shapes above:

  • 60 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • 108 degrees
  • 120 degrees
  • 180 degrees: tetrahedron
  • 216 degrees
  • 240 degrees: octahedron
  • 270 degrees: cube
  • 300 degrees: icosahedron
  • 324 degrees: dodecahedron
  • 360 degrees

You can watch this video for see this.


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