Simon’s disco

Simon built a LittleBits circuit with a sequencer where high pitches make the fan run faster

And here the “music” circuit is snapped to light wire


Our home sounds weirder and weirder

The LittleBits Synth Kit has arrived! Actually, Simon isn’t turning 7 for another two weeks but he just couldn’t wait until his birthday to experiment with this whimsical set encompassing both electricity and music. He had studied the online guides to oscillators and filters in advance and, once the kit arrived, built all the projects from the book in a flow and then went on to experiment adding his old bits to the circuits. I’ve only recorded a couple of highlights every time I passed by:


Let there be light… wire!

Two new LittleBits projects with our brand new bits.

The light wire circuit Simon built has a light sensor which he put in “dark mode” which means that the wire lights up automatically once it gets dark. Simon adjusts the voltage with the slide dimmer.

And here is Simon’s improved doodle wizard. Simon made sure the drawing robot actually stays on one sheet of paper and doesn’t go all over the table by snapping it to the pulse bit. It actually drew a couple of hearts! Or something remotely resembling hearts.


Measuring the atmosphere

Experimented with light going through the atmosphere. Used water instead of atmosphere and added milk to water to represent particles in the atmosphere. Shining through the water with a bright LED lamp in a dark room we observed how the light sensor reacted. If the atmosphere is clear (in clear water) light travels in a straight line, so the light sensor doesn’t react if the lamp is placed on the side of the plastic cup. But if the atmosphere is full of particles light is scattered in various directions and the reading on the light sensor is lower when shining straight down on it. The light sensor reacts when the lamp is placed on the side of the plastic cup.

Simon was so happy to see it worked. He had looked up this experiment in a LittleBits projects pdf booklet online and modified the circuit as we didn’t have all the necessary bits.

Measuring the Atmosphere