This week’s been a coding week, in anticipation of Simon’s new Arduino bit. He was on Scratch for hours for two days in a row. This is his favorite project that we’ve also put online for everyone to enjoy. It’s a simple code that measures the amplitude of the noise you make. You have to have a mic working on your pc/ laptop to use it.

 Simon built this and other projects all by himself, without any help. The other projects included making the sprite do math sums for him or having the sprite check his answers (true or false).

This one the sprite said wad false while it was true!

Today Simon also did Scratch together with his math teacher. Together they discovered that the sprite can ask/answer questions:

Unfortunately, we haven’t succeeded in making Scratch listen to our new Arduino yet. There is contact between them (green light) and we have managed downloading all the extensions and software, but when we move our Arduino input bits nothing happens on the screen.

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