Bigger than Saturn



Tonight a little miracle happened. We have finally managed to see Saturn! And Mars! All thanks to a very special man, Robert Matheus of the Antwerp observatory Urania. Robert has only met us twice, I don’t even think he remembers our names. He felt sorry for Simon that he didn’t manage to see Saturn at the last viewing night at the observatory (it was too cloudy), so he asked for our e-mail and said he would personally notify us once Saturn could be seen again. Because if we wait until another public viewing night next month it will be too late, Saturn won’t be easy to observe until 2023. And tonight Robert biked to central Antwerp  for almost one hour, with a large telescope, in the darkness, for free. He didn’t even want to have the bottle of wine I brought him as a thank-you token. He spent nearly  two hours with us on the roof of the MAS tower, then dismantled his telescope and biked back home for another hour. Saturn was beautiful. But it was even more beautiful to have seen that this planet, predominately inhabited by humans who think of Simon as too much extra work, is also inhabited by this other rare human species. The telescope survived, too!



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