Flow of autonomous learning and creativity

Every morning Simon smiles at me and says: “It’s morning!” That means he can get back to his projects and doesn’t have to stay in bed anymore. Friday morning he got up and rushed to do what he had planned the evening before: make a drawing of how a battery works:

He then turned to making a battery of his own using a screw, a coin and a lemon. It didn’t really work to light up an LED, the voltage was probably too low. Simon kept trying with different wires and electrodes. He was so involved in the process that he had little interest in his math class this time and his tutor who came in the middle of the battery session had no choice but watch Simon carry on, with a few breaks when he managed to grasp his attention to do some math. The battery project ended in quite a creative conglomerate of Arduino, digital clock and an apple. Simon invented a way to restart the clock by using a transistor in this rather grotesque circuit:


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