These are a few illustrations from everyday life on how Simon’s brain works

Simon (casual question in the elevator): If A is smaller than B, and B is smaller than C, and C is smaller than D, and D is smaller E, does it mean that F is bigger than E?


I let Simon bike in the park. Suddenly he gets off.
– Why did you get off the bike? You don’t want to bike any more?
– (Wanders away alone) I have to remember something.

I park the bike and ask:
– What are you thinking about?
– Raspberry Pi


The children watching Nick Jr.
I: Is that a new episode?
Neva: Yeah, it’s a new one!
Simon: No, I already saw a tiny bit of this one on August 13.

I later asked him how exactly he remembers it was August 13 and he told me what we did that day. Spooky.



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