CodeFever Diploma

Simon received his diploma today for having completed the CodeFever course “Codekraks, Level 1” (normally offered to children in their 5th or 6th school year, that is 10 to 12 year olds). He didn’t know what a diploma is and wanted to give it back at the end of the lesson.



The course was fully based on Scratch, a drag-and-drop programming platform. Simon prefers the “real” programming languages these days, spending hours per day practicing mainly JavaScript and HTML (in combination with CSS) and I can’t exactly measure his attitude towards the CodeFever course. He has done pretty well during the course, although he was slow in finishing the tasks. Knowing him I can assume he thought the tasks/ topics covered were not exactly corresponding to the challenges he wants to be challenged with. The teacher was nice to him but I wonder if he sees Simon’s level of abstract thinking, his passion for coding and preserverance in problem solving.


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