The Supershape Formula

Thursday night Simon told me he really needed to draw “something about a circle”. We were having an evening walk at the local park so I gave him a stick to draw in the sand. Obviously that wasn’t good enough and we hurried home, where he produced these what he calls “posters”. He was wondering what the verticle bars meant in math (absolute value):

He then went online and found an amazing webpage describing a formula that can be used to draw a diversity of 2D shapes. He wrote the formula in Word and said he absolutely loved it:


He also made a chart explaining the use of the formula:


The website Simon found also sells software using this formula (and another one fir 3D shapes), and Simon really wants that software now. Here Simon tells me how much he loves the 2D formula:


Today he drew the following in Word. He said he came up with it himself.



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