Simon has found a new text editor he really likes:

He says he likes it because of its special searcher function, which can use regex (regular expressions). A regular expression is a sequence of characters which can find something. In JavaScript they are strings that are not between quotes but between forward slashes. Simon learned about regular expressions in Daniel Shiffman’s tutorial.

In the following example Simon is looking for one or more concatenated lower case or upper case letters (the pipe stands for the logic OR and combining this logic OR with parentheses means alternation). “In this case, I’ve combined alternation with character classes”, Simon adds:

And in this example Simon is looking for lower case letters only:

And this is the result he gets within the sentence he had typed:


This is a program that defines math functions. The list comes from the JS Math tutorial on the w3schools website:

Here Simon got stuck following a Flexbox (CSS) tutorial with LearnWebCode:

He also started working on Daniel Shiffman’s Maze Generator Coding Challenge:


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