Centering text with HTML box model

Simon says he has invented a way to center text vertically without Flexbox:


3 thoughts on “Centering text with HTML box model

  1. oh, go simon!

    i wish he would invent an alternative to html– i remember when html was really fun and easy, but css (apart from dom addressibility for js) i think is one of the worst things weve ever done. i guess markup is ok.

    youve got the smartest boy ive ever witnessed! i started coding when i was 5 and i know im not the only one; in a few years if not sooner, i think simon will be ready to write his first toy computer language. so long as it doesnt require a complicated parser, i dont think hes far from up to it now.

    honestly, i wish id grown up in your home– it looks like the best school ever.

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      1. i wonder how much “screen time” they have at the office 🙂

        i hate the phrase. theres “watching youtube” screen time, and that depends what youre watching. theres “writing a novel” screen time, and that should never be discouraged. and theres “keeping your job” screen time, and no one ever talks about that, because it would be nearly pointless to do so. is your child well-adjusted and well-rounded or not? you cant measure that in “screen time,” which is why its not a real metric. tactile, spatial, real-life-3d activities are important too, but he obviously does many of those.

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