Simon talking to me in English

Simon: You can use https if you want to get fancy.

I: Do you want to get fancy, Simon?



Simon, in the car: Mommy, there is so much more to learn on! I’ve only just scratched the surface in JavaScript, CSS and PHP!


One thought on “Simon talking to me in English

  1. ooh, theres no shame in learning at w3schools, except theyre a pretty terrible resource for learning css. (probably javascript too.) its not that theyre free– thats fine– they just got wildly popular and give terrible advice. simons way better than w3schools.

    im not sure what i would recommend instead (anything else…) but if he has a hunt around for other css/js/php resources, it shouldnt take him too long to find something better. personally? i think w3schools makes things more difficult in the long run– theres no snobbery or elitism at work here.

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