It’s been a year

Today it has been exactly one year since we chose homeschooling and moved to Antwerp from Amsterdam, where homeschooling was not a legal option. It feels good to see Simon effectively use every minute of his time to develop his natural talents. It’s like watching some beautiful program unfold. I can see now how coding is indeed something he most certainly would have gravitated towards anyway, considering his love for tables, charts and classifications ever since he was a toddler, and I am happy we have been able to provide the favorable conditions for him to do it now and not later in life.

Yesterday I came across a comment that compared Java classes and static methods to a table in a database: “The design of the table, where you specify the field names can be likened to designing your class and specifying the class variables (also called fields). When you start entering data in the table then you create multiple instances of records that are based on the design of the table. This is analogous to instantiating different objects from a class. So a record is to its table, what an object is to its class”.

When Simon was little he was drawing tables about whatever (from elementary particles to ice cream), he was drawing them in his sketch book and in Microsoft Word. He was also completely mesmerized by tables in books and posters, that was one sure thing to keep him occupied.

One year ago he knew absolutely nothing about programming, but somewhere inside his brain something must have been budding.


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