Math > Back to to train Trigonometry

Since Simon has been using so much trigonometry in his programming lately, we decided to review some SOH-CAH-TOA during his regular math classes and did some quizzes:

Brilliant Trigonometry 24 Mar 2017 1Brilliant Trigonometry 24 Mar 2017 2Brilliant Trigonometry 24 Mar 2017 3Brilliant Trigonometry 24 Mar 2017 4Brilliant Trigonometry 24 Mar 2017 5Brilliant Trigonometry 27 Mar 2017 1Brilliant Trigonometry 27 Mar 2017 2Brilliant Trigonometry 27 Mar 2017 3Brilliant Trigonometry 27 Mar 2017 4Brilliant Trigonometry 27 Mar 2017 5

Simon also enjoyed building some trigonometric graphs:




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