Probabilities and Logarithms

What does Simon do when he is sick and free from having any lessons? Follow a course on probability theory and logarithms (which he watched four times), writing equations and trying to program a circle as an infinite number of sides. His mother spent a couple hours digging up information on logarithms and the number of sides in a circle today.

Here are Simon’s notes in Word. On probability theory, where c is the chance, t is the number of times and p – the possibilities.

Probability 28 Mar 2017

And about these equations he said that the first one is about exponents, the second is about square roots and the third one is about logarithms:

Logarithms 28 Mar 2017

The video below features the coding project that Simon built relying on what he learned about probability and applying logarithms to calculate probability. It’s the next step after Daniel Shiffman’s math tutorial, a coding challenge, covering the basics of simulating a lottery in JavaScript. (How do you pick a random number to determine if you have won or not? How do you keep track of how many times you have played the lottery? How do you display the results on a webpage?)

Simon’s project online:

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