Salts and Metals

Another fun chemistry workshop today with John Maas: solubility of salts, metal dissolving in acid and burning like a star, and other interesting lab tests and the theory behind them.






The reaction above is this:


In the video below Simon and John are enhancing the collision between oxygen and hydrogen molecules by adding fire. Simon loved the funny sound you hear when that collision happens:

Simon’s notes:





Studying anywhere

Yesterday morning at Park Spoor Noord: Neva dancing and Simon reading up on c++ programming.

Today the reading topic changed to energy. He found the nuclear reactor page the most exciting. We talked about the reactor parts and the differences between the alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Venue: a local chocolatier.


Yesterday we started the day at the doctor’s to have a spot removed on Neva’s face. The liquid nitrogen the doctor used made a huge impression on Simon. The doctor in turn was impressed that Simon knew that nitrogen is written as N in the periodic table (it has a very different name in Dutch). When we came home and wanted to look nitrogen’s qualities up it turned out that Simon also knows which number the elements occupies in the periodic table – number 7. We looked up nitrogen’s boiling temp: -196′ C. Today Simon was reading the encyclopedia again and made a little scientific discovery (Well, he did suggest it yesterday and found the confirmation today): “Mom! Nitrogen does boil at exactly the same temperature at which air freezes!”