Music of Pi in Processing

Simon wrote a program in Processing that plays the music of Pi. The idea to assign every integer a sound frequency belongs to the Numberphile channel, but Simon came up with the code. He plays the music for the first 41 digits of pi.

Simon’s Music Random Walker

Link to Simon’s project in progress:¬†…

The walk begins with a white grid. Every time the walker first visits a cell, it first turns purple and the green number inside the cell increments with every next visit. Simon wants to assign a musical tone to each cell as a next step.


He started working on his own database for the tone frequencies (7 octaves in the 7 x 7 grid), but later lost all his (unsaved) work when his laptop froze. Not sure anymore whether this project will ever get finished ūüė¶ as Simon doesn’t feel like retyping the database again.

à quatre mains

Here is Simon playing à quatre mains with his little sis, something he loves doing since she started piano lessons. She is not very keen on taking instructions, which upsets Simon enormously at times, but once they find the right tempo together, our whole world fills up with most beautiful vibes, making their loving friendship even more special.