Set, Stack, Queue and Array in Computer Science

In this small lecture Simon talks about Set, Stack, Queue and Array in Computer Science.


Simon says he made a mistake in the Addendum: you can add and remove elements to/from an array in PHP.


Simon’s Lecture on Programming Languages

In this video, Simon gives an introduction to the basics of programming languages (what languages there are, which ones are front end and which ones are back end and what libraries and data interchange formats go with different languages):


DSC_1807 - kopie


Simon has yet a new craze: PHP. Here he explains what this language is about. This video is made yesterday, on the first day he started learning about PHP:

The same day outside, Simon explaining to me how to insert a PHP document in an HTML one:


Variables in PHP are introduced using a dollar sign:


Tonight Simon was crying very hard and I had to rock him on my lap to ease down the pain: he couldn’t find any tutorial or any other kind of explanation on the internet about how to make the web browser interpret his PHP file as a PHP file instead of literally displaying the file, like it does now (he used Sublime Text as his text editor):