Latest Piano Picks

This one is such a joy to see, especially considering Simon has learned it within a week.

In the following video Simon plays a piece composed by a 9 year old blind prodigy (grown up by now).

Simon’s also been practicing Puccini and Beethoven. His wonderful teacher tries to make it clear to him how much logic and math there is hiding behind the temperamental piano chords and how exact the pianist must be. He loves chatting with her about music theory.


The music was too sad!

Right after playing in organ mode on his electric piano for the first time Simon burst into tears and was inconsolable. He even left his popsicle untouched and popsicles always help against tears. “The music was too sad!” – he cried on the floor in the playroom.

It took him a good half an hour to recuperate. I have explained that Bach would have probably been proud of him because he feels the music so well.

How many volts is the central C?

Simon has discovered that every piano key on the electric piano corresponds to a certain voltage/ amount of energy/ electricity. He found this out by playing with his electric piano and the LittleBits, attaching various bits to the piano through a midi cable.

The lower the tune the lower the voltage on the number bit!