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à quatre mains

Here is Simon playing à quatre mains with his little sis, something he loves doing since she started piano lessons. She is not very keen on taking instructions, which upsets Simon enormously at times, but once they find the right tempo together, our whole world fills up with most beautiful vibes, making their loving friendship even more special.

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We fixed the PiTop! Can’t believe it worked!

It was Simon’s idea to reimage the corrupted SD-card, he tried doing it himself the morning after the crash. He downloaded Noobs and Raspbian from RaspberryPi’s website but couldn’t go any further. The desktop said the files were “damaged”. As it turned out later, they were zipped and the desktop simply had no space on the hard drive to unzip them. But that was a good thing Simon stopped there as he didn’t know he should format the SD-card first, before uploading the new OS.

Later the same day we received an email from PiTop support with the steps to reanimate our newborn. The procedure was quite like what Simon had suggested, except that were advised to start with extracting the old OS and formatting the SD-card. We also received useful links to download imaging software:

The new OS came directly from PiTop’s site.

After reimaging the SD-card Simon reinstalled the tiny thing back into the RaspberryPi inside the PiTop without removing the RaspberryPi – he has thin fingers! It was a very exciting moment, we didn’t know if it would work. But it did!!


Simon went straight on to programming again.

These were the steps we followed:

Extract the old OS from the SD card onto to your desktop.

Reformat your SD card by using SDFormatter which will ensure the the SD card is in the correct format.

For the most up-to-date version of the pi-topOS, download it here:

Follow this link for instructions on installing the OS onto your SD card:

Follow the instructions for, “Writing an image to the SD Card,” based on your operating system. (We had to install new imaging software at this pont). Once you’ve completed this you should be able to plug your microSD card back into your Raspberry Pi and go!


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PiTop, day 2 (Tuesday)

Didn’t really feel like going to his first Fench class this morning. All he wanted to do before and after French class was program:

We were utterly shattered when at the end of day two the PiTop stopped working. First it froze and we had to force reboot it by pressing the on/off button. This may have caused corruption of the MicroSD. The PiTop’s power does go on but the screen remains grey. Simon was crying bitterly at first but started looking for rebooting solutions on YouTube later in the evening. He is planning to reimage the SD-card tomorrow. Even if that doesn’t help there is a lot of learning involved in the process I believe. I have also written a letter to the PiTop support team.