Link to Simon’s project in progress:…

The walk begins with a white grid. Every time the walker first visits a cell, it first turns purple and the green number inside the cell increments with every next visit. Simon wants to assign a musical tone to each cell as a next step.


He started working on his own database for the tone frequencies (7 octaves in the 7 x 7 grid), but later lost all his (unsaved) work when his laptop froze. Not sure anymore whether this project will ever get finished 😦 as Simon doesn’t feel like retyping the database again.


Shortest path finder in Processing

Simon created a wonderful project in Processing – a path finder that looks for the shortest path to reach the green cell, avoiding the obstacles. Every time the path finder fails, it tries again. Simon also built a counter for the number of tries. The next step is turning the grid into a game environment and training the path finder, Simon says, i.e. applying reinforcement learning. Simon thinks he should use the Q function in this stochastic environment, but is still very timid about its implementation. In the third video below, he explains how this project could help him take his first cautious steps in the direction of machine learning.



Simon develops his own programming course ‘Living Code’

Simon has come with an idea of teaching a course as part of his live streams (every two weeks on Thursdays at 17 hrs CET) and developed a website with the planning for the course (still in progress so not online yet). The course will be called “Living Code” and Simon hopes to start with the first lessons on 14 December. Below are some screenshots from that Living Code website.

The website will incorporate a code editor Simon has built with the help of the ACE lib. In the video, he shows the editor he is making:


Preparing for new course 28 Nov 2017

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017 1

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017 2

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017 3

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017 4

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017 5

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017 6

Preparing for new course 29 Nov 2017


Simon edits videos

Simon has done his first video editing work this week, changing his archived live streams from 16 November into two shorter tutorials. Since the YouTube video editor has been deprecated, Simon was looking for software to start editing his videos on his own, without my help. He found a program called Filmora to do the editing/formatting and a few other programs (like Ummy) that help download the videos from YouTube. He taught himself how to use them and even learned how to add annotations (see the second video). I didn’t have to help him a single bit, except for purchasing a license.

The first video is Simon’s tutorial on Speech Recognition, introducing his own speech library Speechjs:

The second video is his Supershape Morphing challenge:


Simon building a Perceptron in Processing

Simon has already built a Perceptron before, several months ago, while following along with Daniel Sgiffman’s Coding Train channel. This time around, he is writing his own code ad doing all the matrix calculations himself. He hasn’t finished programming this network yet, but it’s a good start:



Doing Matrices in Khan Academy’s Precalculus course:

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-16 om 12.34.36

Simon’s Live Streams (Speechjs and Supershape Morphing)

Simon’s second Live Stream today (in two parts, see the archived versions below) was a big success! He fixed the bug in his own Speechjs library (for speech recognition and speech synthesis), demonstrated it in action and (in the second part) created some awesome looking supershapes by morphing one supershape into another.

Please, vote for Simon’s speech recognition library on Strawpoll:

Sphere Morphing in Processing

Simon is trying to write a program for Sphere Morphing in Processing, first making a test code in p5.js (available here:

In the video below, Simon is explaining the challenge using Magformers triangles:


Unfortunately, the test code doesn’t quite work yet: Simon is getting three infinite triangles around the circle.

Simon building P5 onoffline editor

Simon has been working on a large-scale project for a while, building his own editor that he called onoffline editor because it’s downloadable online. As always, the idea is totally Simon’s, all the text written on his own independently. The project is not finished yet, as Simon always works on several projects at a time, so I’m posting the intermediate status here:



Earlier stages of the same project:



Entering a new domain! Making specifically this bookmarklet (delete bookmarklet) was Simon’s idea. He learned to make bookmarklets today during Daniel Shiffman’s live session on basic bookmarklets and Chrome extensions. The video below is basically only watchable in the beginning and the end (Simon filmed himself debugging in the middle, feel free to skip that 🙂

Simon is now working on a Chrome extension that would do the same as the bookmarklet he made – delete words. He says that a Chrome extension is more sophisticated and involves more code. He is currently halfway through. the picture below shows Simon and his giant Chrome extension button:


Screenshot of the browser:

Chrome extension 3 11 Nov 2017

Excerpt from Simon’s conversation with his friend programmers in Slack today:

Chrome extension 5 11 Nov 2017Chrome extension 6 11 Nov 2017

Announcing Simon’s First Live Stream!

Simon is planning to do his fist coding live stream (online lesson he is going to teach to his audience on YouTube) on Thursday, 2 November at 5 p.m. CET. Topic: Simon’s own speech recognition library Speechjs (in JavaScript). You can view the stream live at our channel on YouTube, please subscribe at:

Simon has been preparing for days, teaching himself how to use Open Broadcast Studio and making a presentation in Google Docs with over 20 slides (see some of them below). He made the presentation all by himself; when I read it through this afternoon I only found one spelling mistake.

Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 2Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 3Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 4Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 5Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 6Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 1