Simon’s Codea Tutorials and the Arc-Tangent

A set of awesome Codea tutorials that Simon recorded for those who are just starting to program in Codea. Simon ported examples from Processing (java) into Codea (Lua):

In the second tutorial (in two parts), Simon explains how to write a physics simulation program in Codea using forces like gravity, friction and spring force. Anyone watching will get to use some trigonometry and see what arc-tangent is for! The original code in Java comes from Keith Peters (Processing).

Here are some notes from when Simon was explaining the arc-tangent to me the other day:




Teaching SOHCAHTOA to Grandmom in Russian

Heard Simon give his Russian grandparents a lecture in the playroom, via FaceTime. When I came in, this is what I saw on the whiteboard. Simon proudly said he figured out how to calculate the arc-tangent. Why, what do you talk to your Grandmom about?