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Physics Experiments: Making Holes in Soap Membrane

This demo is inspired by a recent video on Steve Mould’s channel. It’s about creating a movable hole in soap film with a loop of cotton thread (the photo shows Simon sticking a pencil through such a hole). Once in the soap membrane, the cotton thread forms a perfect circle. It’s because the soap film tries to minimise its area and compress as much as it can. The only way that can happen is to maximise the area of the hole. And as we know, with a fixed perimeter, the biggest area that you can make with it is if you form that perimeter into a circle, Simon explains as I’m writing this.

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Translating from Java to JavaScript. The Bubble Project

“Just recycling some building blocks here”, I heard Simon say Monday.

Bubble Project 3 Apr 2017

This is a screenshot of Simon’s Bubble Project – an animation he built by translating a Java code from a Processing tutorial he saw a while ago (he reproduced it from memory now) to JavaScript.

Simon put the project on GitHub the following day.

Code: https://github.com/simon-tiger/bubbles

Direct link to the animation (click on the canvas to make the bubbles appear): https://simon-tiger.github.io/bubbles/

You can also both the code and play with the animation via the p5.js web editor (hit Download to get the animation on your computer): http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/simontiger/sketches/r1l_4Gg6l

A couple videos of the making of: