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Simon edits videos

Simon has done his first video editing work this week, changing his archived live streams from 16 November into two shorter tutorials. Since the YouTube video editor has been deprecated, Simon was looking for software to start editing his videos on his own, without my help. He found a program called Filmora to do the editing/formatting and a few other programs (like Ummy) that help download the videos from YouTube. He taught himself how to use them and even learned how to add annotations (see the second video). I didn’t have to help him a single bit, except for purchasing a license.

The first video is Simon’s tutorial on Speech Recognition, introducing his own speech library Speechjs:

The second video is his Supershape Morphing challenge:


Coding, Geometry Joys, JavaScript, Magformers, Murderous Maths, Simon's Own Code

Sphere Morphing in Processing

Simon is trying to write a program for Sphere Morphing in Processing, first making a test code in p5.js (available here:

In the video below, Simon is explaining the challenge using Magformers triangles:


Unfortunately, the test code doesn’t quite work yet: Simon is getting three infinite triangles around the circle.