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Equations Continued. A Victory.

Yesterday was a break-through day! Simon finally cracked those equations with variables on both sides, even the ones including parentheses! And this is what helped: just like with programming, he switched to English and tried to imitate the Khan Academy video’s he had watched. He also invented using different colour markers for the variables remaining on the same side of the equations and the variables he had to move to the opposite side. But what really catalysed the learning process was discovering a scratch pad on the Khan Academy interface: Simon, who normally hated writing things down when solving an equation, suddenly got a passion for carefully sketching all the steps, in different colours:





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Equations with variables on both sides

Equations with variables on both sides remain a difficult subject to grasp. Well, all right, we only tried it twice so far. On Monday evening I saw Simon sit down to practice these for himself, attempting to solve an equation by drawing scales. Dad spent an hour trying to explain the concept of bringing all the variables to one side and the “numbers” to the other, and how to do that. I think we’re almost there.


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Solving Equations continued


From Yesterday’s math class. Simon continued with the equations and managed to complete four quizzes on within one hour. He neglects writing things down though, trying to solve everything in his mind. So far it has been a success, but both his math tutor and I are trying to explain it to him that the more complex equations are easier solved when writing them out. Algebra > Solving Equations > Setting Up Equations, Simple Equations, Multi-Step Equations, Isolating a Variable.