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I think I’m writing in a fixed width font

Simon was doing sentence analysis (something that he quite likes), but this time it involved writing (and he hates physical writing). Even though he has been writing since age 3 and enjoyed teaching himself most beautiful fonts and cursives at ages 4 and 5, he currently hates writing things down and prefers typing, getting impressively quick on both qwerty and azerty keyboards. While toiling away with his exhausting worksheet today he mumbled: “I think I’m writing in a fixed width font. That’s also called a monospace font sometimes”. I laughed and put down what he said, because it sounded really funny in that context. He brightened up at my interest, got up and gave me a sudden presentation about the 5 kinds of fonts: Sans-Serif (normal fonts without serifs, such as Arial or Helvetica), Serif (like Times New Roman or Georgia), Monospace (or fixed width fonts), Cursive (to emulate handwriting) and Fantasy (fonts for decoration, like Impact). He then got back to his worksheet. This way we sort of teach each other.