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RGB Project in Codea using SVG Color Map

On Monday this week Simon spent hours converting hexadecimals into RGBA values for the 140 colors supported by all modern browsers and creating a color file in Codea. He used the w3schools color map available at and an html color codes converter 

Some of the color names were quite exotic (like Chartreuse or Bisque ), and we looked those up together in the dictionary. We also took a very close look at the relation between red, green and blue values and found out that red was added every time to make colors lighter, even in shades where you would not expect any red.

Simon later made a nice design pattern in Codea using the color file:



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Somewhere Oover the Rainbow

Simon programmed this beautiful rainbow all by himself in Processing (Java). He went to (also a project) to look for the hexadecimals and then used to translate the hexadecimals into RGB codes.

Kleur RGB 5 Mar 2017 4

Kleur RGB 5 Mar 2017 2

Kleur RGB 5 Mar 2017 3


Explaining how it works to sis:


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RaspberryPi work station

When Simon got a new RaspberryPi 3 from Sinterklaas on Sunday joy quickly turned into drama as he discovered the old (and only) keyboard we had at home was outdated and had no usb connection. His original plan was to use the television screen as the RaspberryPi screen and that would have let towards constant struggle with those other members of the family who actually wanted to watch tv. What made things worse was that it was Sunday and all Belgian computer stores (and all other Belgian stores) were closed. Simon was devastated as he’d really set his mind on this project. We jumped in the car and drove to The Netherlands where people never stop working and neither does MediaMarkt. Within an hour we got a wireless keyboard and a nice Samsung screen, both at a good price, and went for a drink on the Grote Markt square of the old Dutch town Bergen op Zoom. And now we’ve got one more “desktop”.

Simon has been using this single board computer to train html and JavaScript. His favourite is setting the background colour in hexadecimals.




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Simon calculates colour probabilities. #RRGGBB

In the video below Simon applies his knowledge of combinatorics to calculate the total number of possible colours one can create in CSS. I didn’t ask him to do this. In fact, I had no idea what he was doing when I started filming. I saw him studying the colour combinations on this webpage the where colour values are explained:

RR (red), GG (green) and BB (blue) are hexadecimal integers between 00 and FF specifying the intensity of the color. For example, #0000FF means the purest shade of blue, because the blue component is set to its highest value (FF) and the others are set to 00.

In each colour, Simon counted 16 possible first digits and 16 possible second digits. He then came up with the idea that that makes the total number of combinations possible for each colour 16 x 16 or 256. Since there are three primary colours (RGB) with 256 combinations possible in each Simon then calculated the total number of possible combinations of digits within a hexadecimal integer: 16 777 216!

I believe he did a good job. Especially considering he has only recently turned 7 years old.

Later the same evening Simon helped his little sister to create new “purest”colours for her drawing: