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Like a robot

In this video Simon shares his idea on the use of the EMG SpikerBox module (from the LittleBits Bit Lab) that detects the electrical activity of human muscles non-invasively using simple skin surface electrodes. EMGs can be recorded from large muscles, or individual motor action potentials ( “spikes”) from smaller ones. Simon suggests using the EMG module as an exercising aid.

We have also watched the EMG video tutorial to learn more about how human muscles work and looked triceps and biceps up in the encyclopedia. Simon was excited to hear that our movements are also guided by electric impulses!


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switch() case

This is a beautiful example of Simon’s first daring steps to create his own codes with Arduino. He wanted to make the computer (the serial monitor) say “Yes” once the dimmer was on, then say “No” and then “A Chance”. He tried using switch() case statements instead of if() else statements, but didn’t know about the word “switch”, so he wrote an if() case statement which didn’t work. I googled it for him and corrected the code to my best knowledge (the “Yes” worked within the switch() case statement and the “A Chance” as default, but we didn’t get the “No”to work). Simon was happy to see most of the project work but still seemed to be more interested in the process of writing it than in actually seeing it function.