à quatre mains

Here is Simon playing à quatre mains with his little sis, something he loves doing since she started piano lessons. She is not very keen on taking instructions, which upsets Simon enormously at times, but once they find the right tempo together, our whole world fills up with most beautiful vibes, making their loving friendship even more special.

And some of the latest quotes:

Simon talking to himself in English, lying on the floor under his desk, his chair upside down next to him: “Am I also 4D? Probably, because I live through time…”


Originally in Russian, very excited: “Mom, did you know it’s a geometrical progression? The A in the first-lined octave is 440Hz, in the second-lined octave it’s 880 Hz and in the third-lined octave – I don’t remember exactly, but how much is 880 times 2? Yes! 1760 Hz!”