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Simon edits videos

Simon has done his first video editing work this week, changing his archived live streams from 16 November into two shorter tutorials. Since the YouTube video editor has been deprecated, Simon was looking for software to start editing his videos on his own, without my help. He found a program called Filmora to do the editing/formatting and a few other programs (like Ummy) that help download the videos from YouTube. He taught himself how to use them and even learned how to add annotations (see the second video). I didn’t have to help him a single bit, except for purchasing a license.

The first video is Simon’s tutorial on Speech Recognition, introducing his own speech library Speechjs:

The second video is his Supershape Morphing challenge:


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Simon’s Live Streams (Speechjs and Supershape Morphing)

Simon’s second Live Stream today (in two parts, see the archived versions below) was a big success! He fixed the bug in his own Speechjs library (for speech recognition and speech synthesis), demonstrated it in action and (in the second part) created some awesome looking supershapes by morphing one supershape into another.

Please, vote for Simon’s speech recognition library on Strawpoll:

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Simon’s Live Stream

This is the archived version of Simon’s first live stream. It went really well, even though Simon’s code didn’t function together with his Speechjs library. Simon didn’t panic and showed enough perseverance to try several solutions, to make sure that his library wasn’t broken and that he had enough time left to go through the presentation he had prepared in Google Docs. I was also presently surprised to see/ hear how elegantly he communicated during the social interactions with his viewers (yes, there were viewers!)

The next live stream will be on Thursday, November 16. Simon will be happy if you drop in on our channel!


Daniel Shiffman in Simon’s live chat!

Livestream 2017-11-02 screen shot 1

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Announcing Simon’s First Live Stream!

Simon is planning to do his fist coding live stream (online lesson he is going to teach to his audience on YouTube) on Thursday, 2 November at 5 p.m. CET. Topic: Simon’s own speech recognition library Speechjs (in JavaScript). You can view the stream live at our channel on YouTube, please subscribe at:

Simon has been preparing for days, teaching himself how to use Open Broadcast Studio and making a presentation in Google Docs with over 20 slides (see some of them below). He made the presentation all by himself; when I read it through this afternoon I only found one spelling mistake.

Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 2Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 3Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 4Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 5Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 6Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017Presentation First Livestream 1 Nov 2017 1

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Simon made his own speech library: Speechjs

Simon has just finished working on his first library,  a #speechlibrary Speechjs. You can find Simon’s library on GitHub:

Simon also added a reference page at:

You can use this library for any project that uses #speechrecognition and/or speech synthesis. Simon has put it under the MIT (permissive) license, to make sure everyone can use it for free, he emphasized.

While writing the library, Simon also recycled various code he found online, but essentially this library is his own code. He calls the library “just a layer on top of the web speech API” (that means you’re limited to what your browser supports).