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Simon trying out the D3 library

Simon spent hours studying the D3 library on Sunday, it’s a very popular JavaScript library using SVG images he had never tried before. He also found it great how the annotations are in English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and showed it to his Chinese teacher today.

He also created an account on the library website, but couldn’t figure out how to create a new project. We should look at it together this week when I finally have more time.

These are two small videos of Simon trying the D3 library out:



D3 16 Jul 2017

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Focus on the process

In this video Simon explains the method of querySelectorAll in JavaScript. He used it for a SVG challenge from LearnWebCode. Unfortunately, after several hours of work, when he was nearly there, the project failed (my assumption is that it was due to a P5 failure). They use a different editor in the tutorial but Simon couldn’t understand which one, so he used the P5. Simon cried for a short while but quickly switched to a new project. I have noticed a while ago that he is much more interested in the learning process than the actual product, which I think is a very healthy learning attitude.