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Simon’s first set of Web Development How To’s: How to make a slideshow

Simon has recorded his first set of web development tutorials, about how to create a slideshow. The original code comes from the website.




Simon got stuck in the previous video, but debugged his code in #1.5:

Update: Simon has recorded the last how to in this Slideshow series, about hoe to make the slideshow automatic:

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Simon gets serious with Linear Regression (Machine Learning)

Simon has been working on a very complicated topic for the past couple of days: Linear Regression. In essence, it is the math behind machine learning.

Simon was watching Daniel Shiffman’s tutorials on Linear Regression that form session 3 of his Spring 2017 ITP “Intelligence and Learning” course (ITP stands for Interactive Telecommunications Program and is a graduate programme at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts).

Daniel Shiffman’s current weekly live streams are also largely devoted to neural networks, so in a way, Simon has been preoccupied with related stuff for weeks now. This time around, however, he decided to make his own versions of Daniel Shiffman’s lectures (a whole Linear Regression playlist), has been busy with in-camera editing, and has written a resume of one of the Linear Regression tutorials (he actually sat there transcribing what Daniel said) in the form of an interactive webpage! This Linear Regression webpage is online at: and the Gragient Descent addendum Simon made later is at: and

And here come the videos from Simon’s Liner Regression playlist, the first one being an older video you may have already seen:

Here Simon shows his interactive Linear Regression webpage:

A lecture of Anscombe’s Quartet (something from statistics):

Then comes a lecture on Scatter Plot and Residual Plot, as well as combining Residual Plot with Anscombe’s Quartet, based upon video 3.3 of Intelligence and Learning. Simon made a mistake graphing he residual plot but corrected himself in an addendum (end of the video):

Polynomial Regression:

And finally, Linear Regression with Gradient Descent algorithm and how the learning works. Based upon Daniel Shiffman’s tutorial 3.4 on Intelligence and Learning:





XML in Eclipse

Many tears today around Eclipse IDE and trying to build a webpage in XML. Several times the Eclipse version Simon downloaded was incorrect and he started anew. It was like the sun going down on me, watching him break down crushed and doing my best to search for a solution together. Funny how quickly he recuperated every time the obstacle was (or seemed to be) resolved.  In the end, he managed to build the page he wanted. Credit to Derek Banas for the code and the tutorials.



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Simon is on GitHub!

Yesterday Simon created an account on GitHub! He had followed a number of tutorials by both Daniel Shiffman and LearnWebCode to learn how to upload his projects on GitHub using Git, nano and vim. He created a Git repository, put a README and index.html files in it and published it to GitHub. Then he edited the README file using Sublime Text. Lastly, he added a package.json file to his repository, just for the sake of learning how to do it.

And here’s how it went step by step: