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Building a WordPress Website

Last week Simon decided he wanted to download WordPress (and MAMP) for his new laptop, too, and did it in something like one hour, maybe even less. Something that cost us both nearly three days the first time. He proceeded to building a “Learning WordPress” website and carried on for two days, until he got stuck. Says he will come back to this project at a later stage.




Here Simon tells me how he is going to turn his website into a blog using the REST API:


Coding, CSS, html, JavaScript, Milestones

Responsive Demo Website with Bootstrap

Simon built this responsive demo website with LearnWebCode using Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Needless to say, he found and downloaded this framework completely on his own, just like all the other tools he is using. The level he is working at indecently is sometimes astonishing. Naturally, it’s also thanks to his wonderful online teachers.





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Applying the sassy skills

Having completed Code Academy’s Learn SASS course last night (see previous blog post), Simon independently downloaded SASS on his new laptop this morning and built a website in his text editor following the steps from the Code Academy course. This involved a lot of debugging and he even gave it up once, but came back to it later during the day and resolved the error. SASS is part of CSS, its “syntactic sugar”, and stands for syntactically awesome stylesheets.

Coding, CSS, html, Milestones

Sassy! And sassy English, too!

Simon completed Code Academy’s Learn SASS course in just one evening last night! SASS is part of CSS. This morning he applied the skills he acquired in the course to build a website on his laptop in his text editor (see the following blog post).


At the end of each part of the course he actually provided his feedback to the makers. He wrote this without any incentive or help (please mind that he didn’t speak much English just several months ago):


More screen shots: